Corrugated Metal

A corrugated metal material I created for Train Sim World, a simulation game developed using Unreal Engine 4.

This material was created for use on many warehouses and industrial buildings around the yards. Unfortunately, we were unable to use parallax or displacement mapping techniques in-game for performance reasons. To combat this, I wanted to put a lot of effort into the normal map to mimic the great height differences between panels in this material. I have shown images with and without displacement mapping for reference.

A high poly mesh was created in Blender which was baked down to a normal and ambient occlusion map. These were then taken through the standard PBR workflow in Quixel Suite. A height map was later generated in NDO purely for producing a higher quality final render.

Ross mccafferty corrugatedmetal 01
Ross mccafferty corrugatedmetal 03
Ross mccafferty corrugatedmetal 02
Ross mccafferty corrugatedmetal 04
Ross mccafferty corrugatedmetal maps